bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas
bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas!

We all want the reassurance that should criminals target our family we will be able to respond effectively.  If you are reading this you probably already have the willingness to defend your family.  But an effective response requires more than willingness, it also requires functional personal defense skills.  Willingness without the skills leads to self-sacrifice, and who will protect your family then?

When we formed Central Texas Combatives Training Group in 2009 we started with a small core group who shared similar personal defense mindsets and most already had some personal defense skills training. As our group grew we started to get more and more people who wanted our high-quality realistic training but didn't have the baseline mindset and skills foundation to really get the most out of it. I wanted to help these people get up to speed, but just training with them during infrequent meetups and open seminars I couldn't give them the deep level of instruction they needed. 

These were normal everyday people who had arrived at the realization that they alone were the ones ultimately responsible for their own safety and the safety of their families.  Some said they "woke up" to this conclusion on their own, while others unfortunately had already been victims of violence or witnessed it first hand.  All these people knew they needed to build real functional personal defense skills, and most also intuitively knew they weren't likely to find those skills in a typical "knee to the groin" self-defense class or while shooting holes in paper on a range. 

About a year ago I started taking on private students and realized what an incredible amount of learning can take place during one-on-one instruction.    Instead of trying to teach a set curriculum where all students could get something out of a class, I was able to focus on giving these private students exactly what they needed to make huge leaps in their personal defense capability.  Instead of them waiting until an open seminar was announced that had the material they wanted to learn, these private students could get the exact instruction they needed in the order they needed it. 

The results were astounding.  After a series of private intensive sessions these students would show up at weekend training meetups and not only keep up with the long-time members, but frequently best them during force-on-force sessions. They had the mindset and skill foundation to quickly grasp any additional training they received.  Perhaps more importantly, they had the confidence that comes with knowing they have functional personal defense skills.

Having guided these transformations many times, I have now developed a one-of-a-kind "Family Defender" transformation package.  This package has both the core personal defense lessons everyone needs, along with flexible activity options to fill-in areas students may need more help with or just provide deeper instruction in areas of specific concern to you.

This package offers highly effective personal defense instruction and consulting tailored for people with minimal or no previous training. When you sign up for this transformation we will:

-Conduct an initial assessment of your personal defense mindset, skills, and overall readiness.
-Ensure you know the right steps to take any time you think you may be the target of a violent criminal.
-Coach you to develop the mindset necessary BEFORE carrying pepper spray, a knife, pistol, or other defensive tool. 
-Help you select a defensive tool and carry method appropriate for your daily routine.  You will be surprised how well these solutions will fit with what you wear and where you go.
-Teach you how to use, carry, and store a firearm safely, even if you have never shot a firearm before.
-If needed, we will provide "concierge service" in helping you select and purchase an appropriate defensive firearm for you. 
-Use our contacts to enroll you in a Texas Concealed Handgun License course with a reputable instructor at time that fits your schedule. We will prepare you for the shooting skills requirement before the test. We pay ALL fees associated with obtaining your TX CHL and will walk you through the whole process.
-Provide you instruction in how to effectively deal with a violent criminal assault using the specific tools and carry methods you have selected in a context that is applicable to your daily life.

Instruction will be provided in the classroom, at the range, and at other locations as determined by your specific needs at mutually agreeable times.  You will receive at least 10 hours of personalized one-on-one instruction and consulting, as well as an additional 4-6 hours of instruction during the TX CHL course.  However, there is NO maximum number of hours, we will follow through until we are confident you can respond effectively to a criminal assault.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, the personal defense instruction you know you need in a personalized program that fits your schedule. Although you can't put a price on your safety, you can count the savings you will realize by NOT purchasing the wrong pistols, knives, pepper sprays, tasers, holsters, and even lesser courses of instruction that aren't really suited to your individual situation.  This transformation program will help guide you to a deep understanding of what constitutes effective personal defense. To make a bold step on the path to personal defense competency sign up NOW!   ENROLL HERE

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