bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas
bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas!
American Ninjutsu
American Ninjutsu is a full-spectrum martial art that trains strikes, kicks, throws, ground grappling, use of weapons and acrobatic tumbling to students of all skill levels, and ties it all together with focus, discipline, and life skills.

Our program uses self-protection and physical fitness training to teach leadership, respect, self-esteem, and athleticism. Our youth classes are also effective in helping children develop the confidence necessary to handle the stress of today's school environment as well as raise their grade levels and improve conduct. Students and their parents have increased peace of mind knowing they can better protect themselves in nearly any situation.

We offer open enrollment in American Ninjutsu to students ages 11+.

American Ninjutsu Schedule:   Open Classes                       Mon, Wed, Fri  6:30 - 7:30pm

Just $79 month!  No extended contracts.

Contact Mr. Miles at (254) 289-6250 or

For more info about Personal Protection Concepts and American Ninjutsu see HERE
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