bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas
bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas!
Sword Study Group
Our Sword Study Group focuses on developing functional japanese sword fighting skill as practiced in the Armed Combat and Tactics (ACT) system.

The Japanese sword otherwise known as Katana is a medium length (on average 36") curved single edge blade that can be manipulated both two handed and single handed to great effect. Compared to European swords it is lighter but has a disadvantage of length. Its curved shape lends itself to arching draw cuts but does not negate direct chopping motion or stabs.

In our use of the katana we combine influences from Japanese Koryu and insights derived from extensive experience in full contact sparring gained in thousands of bouts against practitioners representing a wide range of martial styles. Working against the different styles has proven invaluable in the process of figuring out ways to counter them which has led to development of a flexible, adaptive fighting style.

The rules of combat are those of Kenjutsu, meaning everything goes, i.e. use of clinching, throws, leg traps and even kicks are encouraged as well as strikes to all targets.

Beginners welcome!

Sword Study Group                                                                                      Tues 7:30-9pm
BUSY SCHEDULE? Private sessions available! 

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