bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas
bringing the movement arts to Salado, Texas!
Adult Combatives Program
"Combatives" means developing the most effective personal defense skill in the least amount of time possible.  Just a willingness to learn is all you need to start. 

Our Adult Combatives program encompasses a variety of weekday training and special weekend events. Training is offerered in systems and methods chosen for their proven effectiveness in defending against a violent criminal attack. Students are encouraged to attend all classes to develop a well-rounded fully functional skillset, but may attend as schedule and interest permit.

ALIVE!™ COMBATIVES prioritizes the use of weapons for personal defense. Using an ultrafunctional training methodology that builds skill fast, ALIVE! delivers a single set of blade-based actions to fight with, and against, any weapon and empty hands. 

ALIVE! GUNFIGHTING® is the next step beyond basic pistol and concealed handgun training.  Much more than just shooting static targets, ALIVE! instruction prioritizes the use of fully resistant training partners to develop functional defensive pistol skills.  Students will train in the studio, at a private range, and in other locations using live, airsoft, and dummy pistols as appropriate. Read more about ALIVE! HERE.

ALIVE! Combatives (Adults)                                                           Wed & Thu 7:30-9pm
ALIVE! Gunfighting®                                                                                Mon 7:30-9pm 

BUSY SCHEDULE? Private lessons available! 

Get the skills you want, when you want, with instruction customized for you. Check out our "Family Defender" transformation package HERE for an example of the type of individualized service we offer.

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